Accommodation (For IIP Summer internship only)

  • On-campus/ Off-campus accommodation will be helped to arrange by the TIGP office if the interns work in AS and the students will need to pay for the cost. Application for AS accommodation should be submitted to the Dormitory Administrator Ms. Connie Chuang at after the evaluation result is announced.
  • Some hosting PIs work in a different city from Taipei, where Academia Sinica is located. In this situation, the off-campus accommodation will be arranged by the hosting PI. Please take this into consideration when selecting a hosting PI.
Note : TIGP office will not provide any pick up service from airport to Academia Sinica/ University to the selected interns, only the transportation information will be provided. Please make sure you are able to travel alone before you start application.

The “Create Account” button will appear when the application starts on 1st of January, 2020.
For people who would like to apply for the Summer internship program,
you are able to create an account from January 1st to February 28th , 2020.
The “Create Account” button will appear by then.
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