Student Testimonials

Ravi Kumar (INS Program, from India)

“It was a great experience I gained in Taiwan through the TIGP program. Having stayed and worked in Taipei for two months, I think Academia Sinica is a very nicely planned and organized environment for researchers to work in. Every Lab is well equipped and work culture inside the lab is even more interesting. Researchers are free to do their work in whatever way they like to do it. I worked in the Institute of Information Science (IIS) department. It was a really nice feeling to work among intelligent and very hard-working people in my lab. I am very thankful to my mentor, prof. Wen Hwang, who constantly guided and kept me motivated during the entire period of internship.

It was an amazing feeling to be Taiwan. People are very helpful, very friendly and stunningly honest. I could not become much of a fan of Taiwanese food, yet I think, the foods available in the night markets are real fun. Speaking of Taiwanese culture, its peculiarity left me intrigued the first I learned about them. I visited some of the Buddhist temples to know more about their faith and belief. It was completely a different feeling to be in there. During the internship, we were also offered Mandarin classes, which was very difficult yet very interesting to learn. Thanks to the teacher who made it real fun to learn the third most difficult language in the world. In weekends, I always tried to explore as much places I could during my stay, which includes Fulong beach, Keelung, Taipei city Hall, Ximen, shihfen , gold museum in Jinguashi and the list goes on. The more I explored, the more I fell in love with Taiwan.

I am planning to pursue Master’s degree in my field of study and I would really like to do PhD after that. Not only, this internship gave me an opportunity to work on my area of interest but also helped me in broadening my outlook towards many things.”

Uttam Bhattarai (MBAS Program, from Nepal)

“My experience in this institute was awesome....

This summer at Academia sinica has been the best summer of my life. Working as a researcher in such a big laboratory with cooperative lab mates and mentor was great. High level research, with world class resources and facilities entice everyone who dreams to be a good researcher. Two months Internship flashed in a while. I could gain the experience in lab and could know Taiwan very well. No weekdays gone out of work and no weekends have been out of fun. Leaving Taiwan thus has been a difficult part. I am planning to apply for PhD here.

Saengchai Nateeworanart (MM program, from Thailand)

“I impress my experience in Taiwan so much. My mentor, Dr. Tai Jung Hsiang, and his co-workers provided me a lot of technical scientific laboratory skills. The experiences help me to understand research papers concern with Trichomonas and higher technology related to the study of this organism. I love Taiwanese because they are very friendly. I learn some basic Chinese language and write a letter to editor to a Thai journal call Forensic Medicine Journal about some basic words for communicating with Chinese people when doing venipuncture and urine analysis. My friend, Lee Yo, she is a research assistant in Dr. Tai's laboratory help me to write this letter and I think it is a useful Chinese speaking skill for medical technologist to communicate with their patients. TIGP is a best experience. I love Academia Sinica and Taiwan very much.”

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